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Cody Horn

End of Watch Red Carpet Premiere

End of Watch Movie Poster

Alright Jake Gyllenhaal fans, now is your day! He’s coming to Hollwood to promote his new movie, End of Watch with co-stars Michael Peña and Anna Kendrick.


This one’s being held at the Regal Cinemas in L.A. Live, this venue is smaller than Grauman’s theater and is  less known to the public. That means there are less people going to the events held here and therefore better chances for a fan to get pictures and autographs with his/her favorite celebrity.  And’ that’s why I love this place! They hold gala premieres here every now and then, and I invite you all to come experience it with us sometime.

End of Watch Movie

Before we get started, let’s clean the red carpet first. There might still be some dog fur in there. My pet husky has been shedding lately…

Red Carpet Cleanin

I think it’s clean now. Alright I’m kinda in a hurry, let’s go straight to the arrivals. Celebs, come on over!

First up, Anna Kendrick.

Anna Kendrick

I love this girl. She looks really sweet and charming. I’ve been seeing her a lot of times lately, it gives the illusion that we’re close friends now even if she doesn’t even know me haha.

Anna Kendrick Signing Autographs

Anna Kendrick Signing Autographs

She signs and interacts with everyone in the crowd. Thank you, Anna!

Arriving right after Anna is the star of the show, Jake Gyllenhaal!

Jake Gyllenhaal Red Carpet Arrival

And he goes straight to the fans. Here he is as if saying with his eyes, “okayyyy…”

Jake Gyllenhall Signing Autographs

“Jake, can you please sign? Here’s the poster, it’s right on your face so won’t miss it. Thank you Jake!”

Jake’s really nice, signing and taking pictures with everyone. He’s also noticeably grizzly now, I thought I’d see him with a shaved head like in the movie trailer. Expecting bald and seeing super hairy. It’s a bit surprising haha.

Jake Gyllenhaal Signing Autographs

Jake Gyllenhaal

Thanks for the autographs, Jake!

Cody Horn is next. I’ve only seen her on film once before, and that was on Magic Mike which also happens to have premiered here in this exact place!

Cody Horn

She’s so gorgeous in person!

Cody Horn

Cody, those high heels can kill!

Michael Peña arrives shortly after Cody.  Guess what? He will be having a starring role as Cesar E. Chavez in the upcoming movie, Chavez.

Michael Pena

Michael Pena & Jake Gyllenhaal

Michael Peña meets Jake Gyllenhaal on the red carpet

There’s a limo coming!


But you know what’s more amazing? It’s the blue streaks of light that I’m getting from my camera. I don’t know how that’s happening there are no blue lights there. Can somebody explain that to me? Any photographers out there? Physicists?  Chemists? Astronauts?

That guy looks familiar… Joe Manganiello

It’s Joe Maganiello! He’s appeared in a lot of movies and TV series but he’s most famous for his works on True Blood. He also appeared on Magic Mike as Big Dick Richie. I got stuck with that name so I think I’ll always call him Big Dick Richie haha.

He’s so tall and buff it would be hard not to nice him even if he’s not an actor!

Joe Manganiello

Joe Manganiello

Remember Steven Hyde from That 70’s show? He’s here! Danny Masterson! He’s also appearing now on the new TV series, Men At Work.

Danny Masterson

I miss that show. That 70’s Show…

Now here’s my favorite picture of the nightFrank Grillo

That’s Frank Grillo. He appeared on movies such as Warrior, The Grey, and Minority Report.  He’s the last one to arrive for the night.

There ya go folks. Please watch End of Watch, on theaters September 21, 2012.

I’m going home now. Bye guys!
Wait! Hold on! Someone’s coming!

I see a Rolls Royce…

Rolls Royce

And it has a convoy… a Bentley! This must be someone big!


But who could that be? The main actors are already inside…

50 cent

It’s 50 Cent!!! AAAHHH!!! Blast the speakers up!


Such a fun night. I’ll see you again on the next red carpet event, folks!

Magic Mike Red Carpet Premiere

Fact is, the law says you cannot touch! But I think I see a lotta lawbreakers up in this house tonight.” -Dallas

Alright, alright, alright, alright. Are you ready for this, ladies?! Let’s have some strippers in the house!!! Well, no stripping here right now, really. But these men will be playing strippers in this upcoming movie, “Magic Mike.” The film is part of the LA Film Festival and the red carpet premiere is held at the Regal Cinemas in L.A. Live.

You may watch the trailer here.

magic mike

More and more fans gather to meet their favorite strippers. I mean actors haha. But first, a trivia (though I guess you already knew this even before I did). Did you know that Channing Tatum used to be a stripper and that this film is loosely based on his personal life? Yeah! That’s right! They kinda say it a lot when doing promos for this movie so yup you already know it. Alright moving on… here are some ladies waiting to get a glance of the cute boys…


As the place gets packed, the media people starts to arrive and prepare their equipment. That’s pretty much the signal that the arrivals are going to start very soon.

First to arrive is Adam Rodriguez. He’s well known for his role as Eric Delko on CSI: Miami. He also played Bobby Talercio on Ugly Betty.

Adam Rodriguez

My friend’s holding  a CSI: Miami picture and he sees her right away so our group’s the first one he goes to.

Adam Rodriguez

Adam Rodriguez

And here’s Adam talking and having fun with us…

Adam Rodriguez

More celebrities start to arrive. Some sign autographs and take pictures with the fans for a long time, some just do it for a couple of minutes. It really depends on the celebrity and the handlers.

Betsy Brandt signs for the fans. She’s well known for her role on Breaking Bad as Marie Schrader.

Betsy Brandt

Next up: Matt Bomer. He plays the main role on the show Blue Collar as  Neal Caffrey.

Matt Bomer

And the crowd gets crazy!!!

We’re hearing VERY loud screams from the left side. Who might that be?! It’s the one and only Matthew McConaughey!

Matthew McConaughey

Matthew!!! You’re my idol! I want a picture with you!

Matthew McConaughey

Photo Courtesy of M. C. Beas

…and I don’t get a picture with him. The fanboy in me is not very happy! That’s okay though. I’m happy just to see you Matthew!

Here comes the youngest of them all (fresh meat, I think, is the term?), Alex Pettyfer. He’s most well known for his films, I Am Number 4 and Beastly.

Alex Pettyfer

Let’s have some more of Matthew! I’m still not satisfied…

Matthew McConaughey

Matthew McConaughey

Alright now. The main man is here. Mr. Magic Mike himself, Channing Tatum!

Channing Tatum

*Deafening screams blasting the eardrums!!!*

Channing Tatum

Channing Tatum

Channing Tatum Signing Autographs

And that’s it. So much fun at this premiere! Joe Mangianello, who plays Big Dick Richie on this film is too far from us so I’m not able to take pictures of him, as well as Olivia Munn. I like Olivia Munn.

Here are some photos of me and the gang:

Adam Rodriguez

Adam Rodriguez and Me

Alex Pettyfer

Alex Pettyfer and Me

Matt Bomer

Matt Bomer and Me

Channing Tatum

Channing Tatum and Me

That’s all for now folks. See you again on the Red Carpet!!!