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The Campaign Red Carpet Premiere

Marty Huggins VS Cam Brady

Please vote wisely.

This is one of my favorite premieres. They made the place look like there’s a real campaign going on!


And I got a free T-Shirt!

Vote for Cam Brady T-Shirt

I got the Cam Brady (Will Ferrell) one so… I I know now who to vote for! Go Brady!!! But right away I also get a cardboard cut out of Marty Huggins’ (Zach Galifianakis) face so I’m confused again. This is election is going down the wire!

Arrivals are now starting…

Red Carpet Arrival

Red Carpet Arrival

And this woman’s clothes matches her skin color… gurrll are you naked?! She’s gonna walk the red carpet in style! Wearing only a blazer, a belt and high heels haha.

woman looks naked

Double checking, nope she’s not naked. Okay moving on…

Randall D. Cunningham is here. Named like a quarterback! Doesn’t look like an NFL prospect though. Hmm. Ah this is the kid that plays Will Ferrell’s son in the movie.

Randall Cunningham

The next one’s very surprising. I never thought I’d see her here, but I ‘m seeing her now! It’s Brooke Shields! It’s so cute that she’s taking a video of the crowd. It’s heart-warming, like we’re getting the feeling we’re special. Or something like that…

Brooke Shields

HIIII Everyone!!!!!

Brooke Shields

Ahh She’s waving at us! I’ll never forget the day Brooke Shields waved at us!

And here’s Thomas Middleditch. He’s a funny one! Before going towards the crowd, he dances around first while toying with his Sharpie, as if telling the crowd…

Thomas Middletditch

…”OOOOHHH YEAHHH I got a Sharpie!”

Thomas Middletditch

Some more arrivals…

At this point I got free passes to the movie… Woohoo! Am I lucky or what?!

The Campaign Screening Ticket

Well, apparently not. My fat camera isn’t allowed inside. Sometimes it’s easy to sneak it in, sometimes not. Oh well. I’ll keep shooting here, no worries.

Here comes Zach Galifianakis!

Zach Galifianakis

AHHH SO MUCH NOISE!!! The crowd’s getting wild for Mr. Marty Huggins! Seems to me like he’s gonna be the new congressman!

Zach Galifianakis

And his opponent, on the red corner, Mr. Cam Brady… Will Ferrell!

Will Ferrell

And here’s a short video of them signing for the fans. Listen to the fans scream!



That’s it for now folks.

Exercise your right to vote!


marty huggins



Cam Brady

Who will win?!

We’ll soon find out.

See you again on the next red carpet event!


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