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G.I. Joe Retaliation Red Carpet Premiere

GI Joe Poster

Boy, it’s been a while since I posted anything here! It’s nice to be back and now it’s time for some late posts galore starting off with dun dunununnn… G.I. Joe Retaliation! I just gotta say first that I really loved G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra because of Rachel Nichols. I didn’t know anything about her before that film and after I saw it I just had a massive crush on her since then. Gorgeous to the 10th degree. She’s got nothing to do with this movie nor this red carpet premiere, I just thought I’d give her a special mention. I love you, Rachel Nichols!

Okay, back to Retaliation. Bruce Willis. He’s one of my super idols in the world, other than that, he’s my dream dad. I wish he was my dad because he just has this Bruce Willis look. I think I just described him using his own name. I dunno, I just can’t explain this but he’s got this certain coolness and machismo, he’s badass yet lovable, with a leader and protector don’t-mess-with-my-children-or-you’re-dead kind of appeal. Well, I’m not Rumer to say if the last one is true but I just think that’s how it would feel like based on this Bruce Willis look.

And now… I finally get to meet him! YIPPIE-KI-YAY!!!

Bruce Willis

Daddy! It’s me! Your son! Over here!!!

He recognized me, parted the crowd and said, “son?” He the then hugged me and with tears in his eyes, he said, “we will never be parted again!”

…is how it happened in my fantasy. In real life he just went on signing autographs, getting farther and farther away as the seconds go by. Here he is with his wife, Emma Heming.

Bruce Willis, Emma Hemming

Bruce Willis

You rock, Bruce! And speaking of rocking, The Rock is here too (that’s the best segue I can think of, that’s why I’m not a journalist!). Notice the brahma bull belt that guy is wearing above? Pretty cool, huh?

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. He’s owning the entertainment world in the first half of 2013! He’s got this, Pain and Gain, Fast & Furious 6, plus Wrestlemania 29 all just several weeks apart from each other. He’s even got a hernia repair! That too is special! I just adore this man. A natural athlete and arguably the most charismatic wrestler in WWE history. This man can talk the talk and walk the walk! He made the Attitude Era the most memorable of all, along with Stone Cold Steve Austin, Degeneration X, The Undertaker, Mankind, and many others. Ahh. Those were the days! I’ve been an avid fan of the WWE since I was a child and I believe him when he says he is the most electrifying man in sports entertainment. I also smell what The Rock is cookin’. It smells like bacon.

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson

He’s even electrifying when he’s signing autographs! His energy was so high it sent chills down my spine. The only other man I saw on a red carpet premiere with this much energy… Terry Crews from the Expendables 2 premiere.

Two of my idols in one event. What a day! One of the best ones I’ve attended! I’m sorry to Channing Tatum fans, he wasn’t able to make it in this event. If you want to see Channing, please check out Magic Mike Red Carpet Premiere.

Here are some more photos, starting off with no other than Bruce Willis‘ daughter, Rumer Willis.

Rumer Willis

Adrianne Palicki waving to the crowd…

Adrianne Palicki

Here’s a jam packed Hollywood sidewalk. Yep, it gets crazy!

Hollywood crowd

Byung-hun Lee, who plays Storm Shadow in the film.

Byung-hun Lee

…and I would like to thank that camera man for providing a fill flash on his face. Without you, this shot wouldn’t be possible.

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