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Taylor Kinney guests on “Extra”

Taylor Kinney

I stopped by The Grove this morning so I can catch a glimpse of Hayden Panettiere, the scheduled guest for Extra today. The good news is that I saw her right away as soon I got there, the bad news is that I was too slow to get my camera from my bag! I wasn’t very worried during that time because I knew she will show up again after the interview (which was held indoors), but she didn’t! Or maybe she did, I just missed her. Uggghhh. Anyways, she looked really cute in person. And tiny (I think that makes her super cute?).

My stay there didn’t go down the drain, thankfully, as Taylor Kinney showed up! Okay honestly, I didn’t know anything about him until this morning but I’ve done my research and I know now that he is one of the main casts of the TV series Chicago Fire, appeared in The Vampire Diaries as Mason Lockwood,  and he’s also popular for his role as Glenn Morrison in Trauma.

Taylor Kinney

I think you will recognize him easier though if I say that he’s Lady Gaga‘s current boyfriend. Lady Gaga, you’re one lucky lucky girl.

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