Celebrities Up Close


Hello and Welcome to my blog site. My name is Gerry and I’m here to let you guys experience with me the things that I experience here in Hollywood. As we all know, this place is the mecca of show business. Celebrities are scattered here and there and as a fan of the industry, it’s amazing to be walking and talking with these men and women whom I’ve only seen before on TV or on the big screen. I’m not a hardcore fanatic or anything. GerryTo tell you the truth, I’m always the one who keep saying that these celebs are mere humans just like you and I and there’s really no reason to freak out upon seeing them. Those girls fainting on The Beatles videos, well, too extreme. Fun to watch though! I’m just an average fan but I gotta tell you, the feeling of finally meeting your favorite celebrity in person is just amazing! I may have been “just” smiling when I saw Tom Cruise and Johnny Depp for the first time, but deep inside I felt like I was going to explode! It was ecstatic.

I made this site for everyone who loves showbiz, celebrities, and everything Hollywood. No matter where you are from: North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia, or Antarctica, just visit my page and I will walk you through the streets of LA from Hollywood to Sunset to Downtown, wherever the stars may be. Alright guys, let’s spot some celebrities!