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The Incredible Burt Wonderstone Red Carpet Premiere

The Incredible Burt Wonderstone Poster

Two of my favorite funny men: Jim Carrey and Steve Carell are here! This is fantastic! Or as the movie poster says, ABRACATASTIC!!! I’m so excited to watch this film!



This is the first post-Daylight Savings Time premiere of the year that Im attending. That means the arrivals are happening while the sun is still up. Not really a big deal but I like it  because I can see the celebrities much better. This is also my first post where I’m using my new Canon 6D.

And now, let the magic happen!

Steve Carell walks straight to the crowd to sign autographs

Steve Carell

Alan Arkin loves the people. Here, he’s taking photos of people who are taking photos of him. Would be interesting to see the ones he took. We’re probably all there!

Alan Arkin

David Copperfield arrives with French model, Chloe Gosselin. Legit magician in the house!

David Copperfield w/ Chloe Gosselin

The beautiful Olivia Wilde. So beautiful on screen, so beautiful in real life!

Olivia Wilde

We were told that  there’s no Steve Buscemi appearance so sorry to Enoch ‘Nucky’ Thompson fans. Maybe next time.

And now, here’s my favorite comedian of all time. The funniest man alive, JIM CARREY!!!! He’s walking normally, but subconsciously I can see him walk the way Ace Ventura does. I love that movie! And I love this man!

Jim Carrey

Being face to face with him is amazing! He’s so full of energy, very Jim Carrey!

A big bonus before the arrivals ended. This I didn’t expect… Steven Tyler! Good thing I didn’t leave early, and good thing  I DIDN’T MISS A THING! (Ha. That’s the best way I could insert that line.)

Steven Tyler

See you again on the next red carpet premiere!

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